This exotic two-island country was at the core of the inspiration for The Sundy Collection as we know it today. Immerse yourself in this African treasure and take a closer look at what makes it so special.


From blissfully deserted beaches to lively fishing hubs – take your pick. Cabana, Jalé, Inhame and Piscina in São Tomé or Coco, Santa Rita and Banana in Príncipe. The colors in this locations are extraordinary. Turquoise water and village kids running trough the black sand of some hidden beaches.


There are really just two options. One for each island. Club Santana is located in the Santana region of São Tomé, from there you are in the perfect position to explore the Island – up to the Capital and North region or down to enjoy all the South beaches. People are super friendly and the Club’s activities vary immensely – from scuba diving to hiking in the property. Feel like swimming? Chose between the exotic hotel beach or the infinity pool to the Atlantic. Praia Sundy is the new pearl of Príncipe. Imagine luxury tents in the middle of the rain forest, but one minute away of the ocean. Relax like never before.


Chef João Carlos Silva


Cascata São Nicolau is a classic – the drive to the top and the find of the unbelievable waterfall in the middle of nothing is an excursion you will want to do. Visiting Monte Café is a learning trip, learning about the process of producing coffee, learning about the conditions and way of life that people working in those stations had, learning how it all changed. Mucumbli is the perfect stop to watch the sun go down. The calm and quietly of siting in a little chair in a balcony over the sea takes all the words. Just passing Santa Catarina in the east coast before reaching the Ôbo protected national park, you’ll find a special location – a tunnel engraved in a mountain, palme trees that follow the road all the way and the sea coast offering you an incredible fresh breeze. 


Praia Banana


Now the important part! Food. This little islands are perfect for foodies. Unique fruits like Jaca, Fruta-Pão, Sape-Sape and Cajá-manga make meals and juices feel sophisticated. On your away to the south beaches please stop in São João dos Angolares for the awesome leve-leve food experience provided by Chef João Carlos Silva – “On São Tomé, happiness transforms everything we do, even the flavour of our food”. For a different kind of experience head to the Capital and meet Claudio Corallo. This man is responsible for the production of unbelievable cacau and coffee, mixes with orange, ginger or many more combinations. The Italian is known as the best chocolate maker on the planet so I think it’s worth a try.


Arriving at the Capital – São Tomé – you’ll find a rustic town with a cuban vibe and Portuguese architecture. Walk the market for some fruits and visit the old fort, talk to locals and learn their way of life. Exactly on the other end of the island there is a famous islet – Ilhéu das Rolas. In here you can discover a the landmark that signals where the Equator line lies. It has a population of 76. Visit the late hospital in Roça Água Izé where you can have contact with locals and see the ordinary life in a roça. Lagoa Azul is a wonderful and peaceful location in the north region. The king of locations and the skyscraper of the main island is called Pico de Cão – bring your camera!  


Santa Catarina