Are you a Slow Fashion enthusiast?

Are you aware of your consumption and approach in the fashion industry?

Do you prefer to buy local? Is sustainability something you defend and believe?

You prefer better-quality materials too cheap ones?

When buying something, you expect it to last longer rather than just one season?

Do you like having exclusive pieces that set you apart?

If you answered yes to all or a majority of those questions, you are indeed a supporter of the Slow Fashion Movement. Maybe without even knowing.


Our purpose designed with the movement

ThirtyThree sees itself as part of the solution and encourages the Slow Fashion Movement. We incite you to buy less garments at higher quality, made from more sustainable processes and less often. At the same time as putting emphasis on the art of sewing and celebrating the craftsmanship of the very talented people in the workshops.

Who doesn’t like owning a special item? Exclusive, hard for someone to get the same. If we combine this feeling with helping the planet, even better. Our collections are limited to 33 pieces of each item, and there are no restocks – guaranteeing the exclusivity and the commitment to the slow fashion movement.  

The Materials

Proud to have the most reliable suppliers, producing with premium and above-quality materials. From the suede of our caps to the wool and cotton of our beanies, everything is made to last multiple seasons.

We take pride in being a completely Plastic-Free brand. Everything from production to packaging and delivery doesn’t waste one gram of plastic. It’s important.

Wherever you are, we are all in this together. We strive to make our customers proud to wear a brand that is doing its part in building a sustainable world. 

The Goal

Burning 92 million excess garments every year doesn’t sound quite good for the environment. This is our current state. Consumers and Fashion Houses have to take a stand to stop with this fast fashion world that emerged around 20 years ago. The consumer is the main focus but alone he can’t go far, because it needs clothing and if there’s only one option that is the one they’ll have to go with. So small brands like ours take an important role in giving an option, an option to go green and buy less, with more quality in a friendly space. The plan is that enough of this small companies make it and start being a real alternative to fast-fashion, making the big companies alter their strategy for a more sustainable future.